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Mick Jenkins | Dehydration

Mick Jenkins has always provided truth (being more then just a word) in his lyrics since i first heard his music, as well as his previous work prior to then after I did my homework. He continued the strong messages in his latest body of work The Water[s]. Micks visuals have also been right-hand to his songs as he proves that with his new video for one the tracks off The Water[s] “Dehydration.” Watch above.

Directed/Visuals by  Nathan R. Smith/GoodBoy

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Album Review: Mick Jenkins | The Water[s]


At first listen to the Alabama born Chi town raised artist that goes by the name of Mick Jenkins “The Water[s]” project you are bound to miss something, his over the top witty wordplay keeps your ears patiently waiting for the next gem he is going to drop. I took a little time to really try my best to dissect this project and here it goes. Over all I give The Waters a very soild 7.5 out 10 the concept alone is just amazing and he sets the tone with Shipwrecked the entire vibe of this track lets you know that you are in for something serious at moments where The Mind harmonizing sounds very close to Frank Ocean the switch up in this song shows both sides of mick the calm before the storm beat is okay could have been better but it fits the overall concept perfect. THC was very short yet perfect the way he flips THC as in the water is the healing component it was just too smart and the beat sounds trap/drill but in a very new kind of way. Now the title track for this project lets you hear Mick at his best “Shit comes straight from the heart not a record  exec  in the back with a remote” That line speaks so much into the artist that Mick is this track sounds very organically done like it just poured out of him (see what I did there).


Now for my stand out track The Healer which features an angel with one of the purest voices I have ever heard. Jean Deaux just takes Micks lyrics to another level don’t want to compare her to SZA …but she kind of sounds like SZA. On this 2nd vs Mick sounds kind of off beat but it works in such a perfect way the production on this one is insane its smooth and hard hitting at the same time. Now the dislike of the project strangely they most don’t come on Micks part its a few features and songs I feel should have not been a part of The Waters. Comfortable would have been one of the best songs on the project if NoName Gypsy was not on it and the beat was not so simple but as usual Micks Voice cuts through and makes you hang on to each word he says. I feel NoName Gypsy lyrically is insane but it sounds like she has never even heard of what a flow is it’s like she had absolutely no feeling behind the words she was saying I would love to hear more from her just to see if that’s her style. Next on my why bro why list is Jerome it sounds so forced like they said Mick do your best Joey Badass impression on this one he sounds so out of place after hearing an so well put together project he hits us with this and it’s just a big WHY? But the crazy part is his lyrics are still top notch. And I feel he completely murders Mr BadAss on a song where they used his style. To me Joey always sounds like he is trying too hard to bring back the 90s at all times we need something new from him and he brings the same ole same on this one. With all that said The Water[s] is a very amazing project from the cover to the song titles they are so well thought out that it’s almost scary I am most definitely a new fan and will be looking to see what’s next from Yong Mick. Peace & Love

SN:  With Mick being a part of cinematic music group why no Big KRIT feature or production? That would sound incredible.

Get You Some Water:  https://soundcloud.com/mickjenkinsmusic/sets/the-waters